I love seeing Kate for both massage and acupuncture. Her understanding of Chinese medicine wonderfully informs her massage technique and I’ve noticed immediate shifts of energy after our acupuncture sessions.
—Makenna B., yoga studio manager

When I came to Mia I could literally barely walk a block due to hip pain. Now I can go up the stairs to my appointment, walk about a mile and pick up my 2 year old son–all with my additional 8+ months pregnant weight! Mia has not only performed great acupuncture, but made some recommendations to my diet, provided awesome resources and is so nurturing I feel myself actively healing under her care. Thanks Mia!
-Allison K, Chief Operating Officer

Kate is a truly gifted practitioner who blends acupuncture, body work and a deep intuitive sense to create healing and well-being. I recommend her with enthusiasm.
—Rob R., software engineer

I have had back problems for years and Mia’s techniques and ability to find and work the “pain” points are unmatched. Mia can accomplish more in 15 minutes than most therapists can in 1 hour. I recommend her without reservation!
-Carlos V., information Systems Technician

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